M&A Due Dilligence


Pilokoba has ample experience with merger & acquisition due dilligence processes in the telecom industry. Using a combination of analytical tools and experience-based assessment, we offer due dilligence services tailored to telecom M&As as well as investment advice for venture capital players in the TMT segment.


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Business Development and Company Representation for Telecom Suppliers


We provide business support for technology start-ups and scale-ups to connect with large telecom players in the European market. Over the years we have established a broad professional network that includes key industry players. Such network will help smaller companies to grow by entering into strategic partnerships. In addition, we provide hands-on support in business development and sales, key account management and supply chain management.


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Technical Consulting, Project Management and Test Management


Pilokoba offers specialized project-based consultancy services, catering to specific wishes of our clients. Our team has a very complimentary skillset and knowledge base which enables us to offer specific guidance in almost any business-related aspect of the telecom industry. Furthermore, we offer specific services in network planning, New Product Introduction (NPI) management and network and device test management.


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Customized Software Development


We offer software development services that are customized to operator's specific requirements. Our main focus is on developing WiFi optimization software and smartphone application for the automatic optimization and monitoring of in-home residential networks. In addition we also focus on develop WiFi diagnostic software for use in call center applications.


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Data Science for Process Optimization


Data science has become an invaluable tool for optimizing operational processes in the telecom industry. At Pilokoba we offer our data science expertise for providing data-driven solution to various operational optimization problems that will help your company to become more cost-efficient. Additionally, we also focus on consulting for using big data techniques for telecom market research.


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We Offer a Wide Range of Consulting Services

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